Christina Piluso is a graphic designer with over 12 years of design experience in New York and Portland, Oregon working at both advertising and branding agencies and on in-house creative teams. Currently she is a Studio Manager at Wieden + Kennedy in Portland, Oregon.

Christina's work ranges from concepting with Art Directors to production work for outdoor advertising, print for magazine and newspaper, online flat comps and pulling together large presentations. As a manager, she works with the creative and account teams to allocate internal and external resources, while streamlining budgets and schedules across multiple projects. Clients include Herbal Essences, Coca Cola, Levi's, Trident, Starbucks, Electronic Arts (EA), Target, Honeywell, Women's Entertainment (WE), National Lampoon, FreshDirect, ZLB Behring and Wellspring Media.

In addition, she works on independent freelance projects, including wedding invitations and designs for local artists such as She-She, Seaworthy, and Portland Sewing.

During her experience as a graphic designer and manager, she has proven to be a valuable team member with an ability to collaborate with others, work quickly and efficiently under tight deadlines, and be self-motivated to find the best creative solutions for clients.

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